Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Gordon in the morning: In the Company of Jessie J

Is it News Corp's kneejerk damning of the BBC, whatever it does, or simply The Sun's fawning over Simon Cowell that is leading to the daily churning of stories attacking The Voice?

Today, they've cut a piece out of a Jessie J interview in Company and twisted it:

JESSIE J strikes a moody pose as she slams The Voice – telling how she wishes she’d known the line-up of fellow judges before signing her BBC contract.
Now, that standfirst gives the impression that she's, well, slamming the programme.

Except, the paper is a bit clearer when it gets down to it:
Jessie said: “I was first to sign up (as a judge) because I was totally up for it. But when Tom Jones said he waited until he knew the line-up, I thought I should have, too.

“It’s been scary at times but it’s one thing in my life, not the only thing. My second album is my focus.”
So it's not that she's actually "slamming" anything, just suggesting that she was too quick to sign up before knowing who else was going to be on - that's about her method, rather than the results, isn't it?

This follows on yesterday's piece about The Voice ratings, which manages to neglect the important detail that this week's programme clashed with the FA Cup Final.

Perhaps The Sun has figured that if News Corp drops its UK papers, Cowell might be one of the few people with enough cash to pick them up...