Friday, June 08, 2012

Metal defeats "church"

Westboro Baptist Church (motto: "what would Jesus do if he was a tossy blowhard?") had planned a protest to bring their fantastically ill-considered interpretation of scripture to Olympia High School.

They'd reckoned, though, without the power of metal - one of the students at the school is Michale Parent, lead singer with metal band Tatarus. He asked himself "what would Dio do?":

"I believe it is pretty Metal when you keep in mind what the WBB is all about. For example when they went to Ronnie James Dio's funereal, they called him evil and a hell dweller for creating Heavy Metal music. If you are a true heavy metal enthusiast you know that RJD is one of the most kindhearted individuals in Heavy Metal music. I did think about how Dio would act if he was still alive today and he would just treat them with love."
(The quote comes from a press release; I think the band has earned the right to a bit of a brag, don't you?)

A swiftly-organised counterprotest lovebombed the "church" with love-positive pop; the hate was drowned out by love and one can be chalked up to rock. A happy ending.

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