Thursday, June 07, 2012

Samsung plots iTunes killer; world mutters "really? that's nice, dear"

Samsung have become the latest company to burn through cash thinking that the way to defeat iTunes is to create something pretty similar to iTunes.

Oh, hang on though, Samsung think they've got a USP:

If that sounds limiting, Kang says Samsung is working to get it to as many places as possible - including Samsung's audio docks and its fridge range, allowing you to manage your music listening while you get a cold glass of milk.
Oh, god, it's the annual return of the internet-connected fridge, whereby people who know better suggest the world is waiting for their fridges to do more than keep the sodding cheese fresh.

Samsung want people to pay ten quid a month for the service; if people didn't already have a massive stack of digital music they'd already paid for, maybe they might. But as it is? They won't.

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