Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Global Radio to launch two unwatched music channels

As more and more TVs get connected to the internet, with the ability to stream YouTube and other videos through the big screen, is there any segment of the TV industry looking more doomed than the music video channel?

We can only assume Global needs a massive tax write-off, then, as it brings Capital and Heart to the TV.

Yes, not one brand, but two largely unloved and virtually identical brands. Pumping out videos 24 hours a day.


Apparently brands unextended are not brands at all:

[Ashley] Tabor, Global's founder and executive president, said: "Global prides itself on clear, simple brand propositions for its consumers.

"Brand extension is a natural thing for us to do, for example online, mobile and live events, so I'm delighted we're now bringing both Heart and Capital's top-class brand quality to music television."
Living in Milton Keynes, my experience of people's view of Heart's brand quality would mean the TV service should operate for years under the Horizon brand, with lots of local content, before slowly declining and eventually adopting the Heart branding timed with an 'All Bruno Mars, all the time' policy.

It might sound crazy to launch music video channels in 2012, but in a way, it makes sense - nobody watches Heart when it's on the radio, and nobody will watch it on the TV.

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James said...

At last! I listen to Heart and Capital all day, pumping out Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Pixie Lott and Olly Murs, and I'm always thinking "Why do you never see any of these artists' videos on the vast range of joyless music channels?" Frankly, I'm amazed there's been this gap in the market for this long.

You know what else they could should do? Drop in occasional two-minute 'Showbiz News' bulletins, made up of four or five stories that everyone read on Digital Spy two days earlier.

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