Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Overpriced headphone manufacturer acquires underpowered music service

Beats - who sell expensive headphones with a giant B on them - purchasing the MOG Music service.

The two sides have celebrated their union by releasing cascades of warm PR juice into the open, upturned faces of the public:

"Beats By Dre was born out of a need to restore the emotional connection with music that was lost by the degradation of sound from the digital music revolution, starting with the weakest link in the experience at the time - headphones," Beats President and COO Luke Wood said.

"But it was never about just headphones. We've since expanded the Beats mission to every other link in the music experience chain - speakers, mobile phones, personal computers and automobile sound systems.

"With MOG, we are adding the best music service to the Beats portfolio for the first truly end-to-end music experience. With their talent and technology, the possibilities around future innovation are endless."
It's not actually end-to-end, is it? It's not connected to the creation of music in any way, shape or form. And although MOG files (currently) are relatively high-quality, they're nowhere near CD-quality, are they? So it's not even moving back to the first degradation of sound of the early digital music revolution.

In effect, Luke Wood should have said "we've got some things to listen to music on, and we thought we should probably sell some music, too."
David Hyman, CEO of MOG added: "We're thrilled to be joining forces with Beats, a company that's committed at the highest level to the experience surrounding music delivery; the fit feels perfectly natural.

"MOG subscribers can expect continued excellence from the best music service in the market, and we look forward to putting premium music experiences in the hands of millions of music lovers everywhere."
"The experience surrounding music delivery" is one of those phrases that could only be uttered by someone who doesn't care for music. I've long argued that audiophilia is the enemy of a passion for music; someone standing around applauding the experience of music delivery sums that up nicely.

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