Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Stacey Solomon - the sitcom

Yes, it's true - fresh from her, um, success playing herself in those Iceland commercials, Stacey Solomon is having a sitcom built around her. Gordon explains:

STACEY Solomon is having a sitcom created around her in the vein of cult US comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm.
I suspect we're talking something closer to, say, Dani's House than the mighty Larry David's creation.

Normally, we'd assume this is heading in exactly the same direction as that terrible-sounding wrestling thing with the Kasabian connection that Smart is always trying to talk up, but there are some more interesting names than the central one attached:
Its writers, Rob Colley and Dan Gaster, are shooting a taster tape this week with Princess Productions.
Admittedly, neither have very much experience in sitcom - Colley not at all, Gaster apparently not much since Mumbai Calling limped to the end of its only series in 2008, bar a few lines for a Miranda Christmas special and a single episode of The Life Of Riley - and it does sound more like the sort of scheme they'd normally be providing knocking gags about for Mock The Week or Buzzcocks, but at least they know a gag from something else.
Impressionists Phil Cornwell and Ronni Ancona have been lined up to play the parents of X Factor star turned TV presenter Stacey, who won I’m A Celeb in 2010.
Cornwell has popped up in Dani's House, amusingly enough. But as supporting casts go, that's not a bad one to build from.

It's just the idea itself which sounds without merit.

I suspect that at the moment they're talking about "a taster tape" rather than an actual pilot means that this is a project that will vanish from the planet like a poorly-held helium balloon. After all, what network would think it has a schedule hole shaped like a sitcom with Stacey Solomon mugging at the heart of it?
A source said about the sitcom: “There’s a lot of excitement about this project. It’s not just another reality TV show, there’s a brilliant production team behind it. There’s strong interest from ITV.”

Helpfully - in the sense of "to pad out the article" - Gordon provides some background about Curb:
Curb Your Enthusiam was the brainchild of Seinfield creator Larry David – known for producing comedies “about nothing”.
Yes. Gordon wrote that line.

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