Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Tulisa flicks the Cs

Uh-oh. A video has got Tulisa into trouble. Not that video. This is one she filmed with Nines in London, during the course of which she made a C-symbol.

Gordon has one interpretation of what that might mean:

The sign is used by members of notorious north-west London gang Crime Scene Boys, also known as the Church Road Soldiers, who have been linked to gun violence and drug dealing.
Tulisa offers another view:
“I filmed a street video on Sunday night for a track on my album.

“The video was a collaboration with the rapper Nines. When we were filming on the street loads of other people turned up and joined in the shoot.

“When I was holding my hands in the C sign, this was as a tribute to Camden, my home town and where N-Dubz began.

“I am not aware that this sign has anything to with any street gang and I 100 per cent do not endorse any gang violence in any form.”
The truth, you'd suspect, starts in the last line - I don't think anyone is going to think that for some reason Tulisa would have been stood in Harlesden suddenly showing love for Camden; apparently Nines throws the C sign into his videos as a matter of course - I suspect Tulisa was just trying to fit in.

I do love the idea of her strained management team desperately trying to come up with another meaning for the C:
"How about Cowell? No?"
"Could we get the Shamen's Mr C in to do a cameo, and say that she was filming that bit to introduce him?"
"Perhaps we should just say it was a Static_assert?"

Gordon hasn't actually called for Tulisa's head on a plate:
It is also the kind of thing her bosses at ITV, X Factor producers Syco and record label Universal will take seriously.
... but has offered to get the crockery out.