Tuesday, August 14, 2012

George Michael: Olympic song was a treat

You know when George Michael went on the Closing Ceremony and did that dirgey new thing that's supposed to be his new single, when even Liam Gallagher swallowed it and just did the hits?

It turns out playing a song that is so anonymous is could actually be hacking the US Justice Department website right now was some sort of generous gesture.

E! has the explanation:

"Had a GREAT time at the closing! I hope you are not bothered by the press reports of my scandalous 'promotion' !!!" he tweeted.

Michael later added, "Please join me in telling them to f--k off! It was my one chance on tv to thank you all for your loyalty and prayers, and I took it. And I don't regret it."
It's nice that Michael wanted to thank people for their loyalty, although if he really wanted to thank his fans, he could have played a song that they wanted to hear. Okay, the chances of him doing Wham! Rap as a thank you might have been slim - that'd be the sort of thanks appropriate if someone had donated you a kidney or something - but, c'mon, how about Everything She Wants?

There's something a bit self-aware, I suppose, at Michael thinking he might not find himself on TV again any time soon. Doesn't really balance out the belief that there's a subset of The Largest TV Audience For Years that is People Who Are Loyal To George Michael to make that the right platform, mind.

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