Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Like no Breakfast Show ever

I'm not entirely sure that there's ever before been a point where 'BBC invite pitches to supply beds and jingles for Radio One programme' has ever constituted a general-interest news story before. Today it has, though. Mainly because nobody is going to have to find a rhyme for "Grimshaw":

In a document sent to music firms, the station said it was looking to commission a new theme different to previous shows.

It said the theme must "sound slickly produced and original" and feature "live instrumentation and an identifying motif (logo)".

The Radio 1 breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw begins on 24 September.

"The new breakfast show will sound young, exciting, big and confident," the document goes on.

"It needs to stand out and not sound like any previous BBC Radio 1 breakfast shows. Please steer clear of sung jingles and variants of breakfast themes and identities past and present."
Excuse me, I've got a thirty page document I have to remove all references to "Arnold the dog - but this time with lasers" from.


Unknown said...

Scrimshaw. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrimshaw

That was easy.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It rhymes, but can you work it into a jingle?

Unknown said...

Gimme a 'G'... a bouncy 'G'

"Oh, take some time off
From doing scrimshaw
and point your earholes
at Nicky Grimshaw"

Unknown said...

...And of course the chorus would be along the lines of :

"You'll still have a whale of a time, yeah,
You'll still have a whale of a time"

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I tip my hat in respect. (And I think you should get that over to Radio One.)

Unknown said...

Cheers, but I couldn't inflict such horror on a nation still glowing from an olympic golden shower.

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