Friday, August 24, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Red fawn

Gordon knows the action is elsewhere in The Sun this morning, with the paper running the Harry butt photos on the grounds that its readers "have the right" to see them.

It seems incapable of explaining why, though - there's nothing illegal happening in the photos; that young men party and sometimes remove their clothes is hardly a matter of public concern; there's no evidence of a security breach. Even the fact that the pictures have been seen elsewhere is a weak point - given the only news value is that there are photos of a naked prince in circulation, the very fact that all the readers will have seen them strips them of any news value.

Still, it leaves Gordon with nowhere to go; he's dragged out a photo of Tom Cruise's son djing, and gives it a bit of a fawning:

Teenager Connor jetted in from America to play a set at Chinawhite last night.
Usually a nightclub appearance on the decks is how Z-listers end up scraping a living.
And how Djs earn a living, too. Don't forget that.
So it’s a curious choice for Connor who has starred in big-budget Hollywood flicks including Seven Pounds, alongside Will Smith, and as a rebel warrior in Red Dawn.
Actually - as Gordon will be well aware, as he clearly did what I've just done and lobbed the name into IMDB - that isn't an extract of a blockbuster CV; it is his CV.
Be interesting to know if he opened his set with the Top Gun theme tune.
He didn't.