Friday, August 24, 2012

Ironically, Newt Gingrich chooses to not face up to the challenge of his rivals

Newt Gingrich has thrown in the legal towel following his unapproved use of Eye Of The Tiger at pep rallies. The Hollywood Reporter, erm, reports:

Sullivan sued Gingrich in January for using his co-written Grammy-winning song as entrance music at various conferences and campaign rallies.

In March and April, when Gingrich's campaign still had some life, the Republican fought back with tough-talking motions in court. Gingrich questioned the jurisdiction, brought up the statute of limitations, pointed to the First Amendment, nodded to the song's other co-writer who stated he was "not on board" the lawsuit, and most importantly, spoke about the blanket license he had gotten from ASCAP that purportedly covered public performance uses associated with political campaigns.
As ever, though, Gringrich blew hard and then caved. Terms haven't yet been made public.

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