Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marilyn Manson: Now see his sweary face

As if the story of Marilyn Manson writing Fuck on his face because otherwise people might not give him a second glance ("to stop his photo being taken") wasn't hilarious enough, now some images have turned up which shows what a hapless job he made of this simple task:

I'm starting to think what happened was he fell asleep at a party, and the "I'm doing it to mess with the paparazzi" story is just a coverstory. Lucky your friends with Sharpies didn't just go with the usual cock and balls, eh, Mazza?

[There's a whole bunch of pictures by Lindsay Usich over at]

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James said...

Arf! I think it's the 'You' under the chin that gives it away; He was clearly attempting to disguise his impending middle-age double-chin by colouring it in black (something that Boy George often sported in the early 2000s). When he realised that a black marker pen wasn't working, and wasn't washing off easily, he decided the best thing would be to turn it into a swear and concoct the paparazzi back-story.

Next week: Marilyn Manson explains "Yeah, um, I didn't want corporate America to start hassling me, asking me to endorse GAP jeans or Levis or whatever, so I've decided to keep this penis-enlarger pump permanently attached to my genitals, just so their jeans won't fit me. And, um, the suction represents 'cock-suckers', which is what those big corporations are. Yeah, that's it. And my penis going that weird colour represents, erm... Actually, could I have a glass of water please? Feeling a bit woozy..."

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