Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slowdive reunion isn't a total quantum impossibility

To be fair, The Quietus isn't saying that there's going to be a Slowdive reunion, as Neil Halstead's comments to MTV Hive really go no further than saying that it's a possible thing that could happen, like the way that Malta could go to war with China, or a cat could one day become president:

“There’s a chance that we’ll get back together. No one has ever really said, ‘I never want to do it.’ We’ve never really talked about it much.”
Hold the front page: Slowdive members have never actually ruled out getting back together. I'm also guessing they haven't really talked about buying a van and going around with a talking dog either.

Hang on, I think The Quietus have just picked up on that story:
This might be a good point to mention the really interesting soundscapey-landscapey stuff that Slowdive's former drummer Simon Scott is currently doing. Pop over and have a look.

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