Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Gordon goes to the GQ Awards

Not quite sure why; mostly his report is massive photos of people stood near GQ logos.

Boris Johnson won politician of the year, and there were prizes for both Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow. Tom Jones also got one, I think because 'spinning about on a chair' was a surprising addition to the prizes this year. Lana Del Ray took the token woman prize.

James Corden picked up a prize, which funnily enough is well-deserved this time round; sort-of undermined by all the times he's been given GQ Awards in the past for little more than being a face on the scene. Adding to the watery nature of the prize, he was being lauded not for his acting, but an "editor's special", which sounds more like a money-off voucher for a cheap suit.

Still, it was worth Gordon being there as he could bring his star-spotting skills to the event.

Who better than a senior figure from Rupert Murdoch's newspapers to spot other senior figures from Rupert Murdoch's newspapers?
(By the way, Gordon, the Times is down about 8.5% on its circulation of a year ago - but at least not losing readers as quickly as The Sun, eh?)

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