Saturday, November 17, 2012

Arthur revives

After a stop-start sort of existence, well-regarded Arthur magazine (home to Thurston Moore and more) seemed to give up the struggle altogether last year:

Arthur, such as it is, is set to close March 15, 2011.

The Arthur online archive and Store will remain operational for as long as makes sense.

Thank you kindly, and love to all.
But Arthur really is the magazine that you can't kill. Seriously, it'd probably even survive a combination of Al-Fayed and David Montgomery taking it over.

Because it's back, and not only back, but back in print, too:
After a four-year sabbatical (faked death?), your beloved revolutionary sweetheart Arthur returns to print, renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated and in a bold new format: pages as tall and wide as a daily newspaper, printed in color and black and white on compostable newsprint, with ads only on the back cover(s). Amazing!
We thought we heard the Melody Maker stir last week, but it was just gas in the pipes.

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