Friday, November 16, 2012

Gordon in the morning: Bradley Wiggins keeps it real

Bradley Wiggins is raging that some of his Olympic chums are using their success to build careers. Apparently it's NOT RIGHT:

The cycling legend has not been enjoying the procession of Team GB Olympic heroes basking in the glory of the chat show circuit.

Wiggo said: “I’ve got a good management team who weren’t flogging me to death the moment the Olympics were over.
“So I didn’t go on Jonathan Ross or Chatty Man, because it’s not what it’s ever been about.”
Oddly, I didn't see this attitude in his book, A Man Who Rode A Bike Quickly, which was serialised in The Guardian over what felt like months.

It's also a bit strange that Wiggins complaints about his colleagues getting overexposed on the showbiz circuit appears as, er, the lead story on the showbiz pages of the Sun. How did that happen, eh?
Wiggo made the comments promoting A Year In Yellow — an upcoming Sky documentary screening next week which follows his whirlwind 12 months.
And even Gordon can see that Wiggins might be pushing it a bit:
One gig he did sign up for was hosting duties on BBC2’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks. But the music fanatic had to pull out — after he was knocked off his bike last week.
Yeah - going on Jonathan Ross is somehow not what it's about. But Buzzcocks and a date with Paul Weller? That's exactly what Pheidippides was hoping for.

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