Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Does Global boss Stephen Miron listen to his own stations?

The Radio Festival is one, which means it's just about time for Global Radio to complain that the BBC is too good for them. Rather than improve their own output, they prefer to demand the BBC enshittifies itself below their level. With the time the BBC is having at the moment, the worry is someone might take them seriously.

Hilariously, Global's Stephen Miron. is convinced the BBC is copying his channels:

Miron said: "Radio 1 is squarely up against Capital, Radio 2 is right up against Heart, Radio 3 against Classic."
Capital is currently playing some chart records. Radio One is hosting a 1xtra themed concert in Manchester.

Heart has just played Beyonce; Radio 2 has got Diana Krall playing a piano session.

Classic FM are soothing listeners with a bit of Chopin; Radio 3 are playing Artie Shaw.

You'd have to have a tin ear to think the stations nearly identical. Mind you, having a tin ear might explain the Global playlists...

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