Thursday, November 08, 2012

Gordon in the morning: First with the news

Hold the front page. Gordon has exciting news:

Benedict Cumberbatch is coming back Holmes

Third Sherlock series is go

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and MARTIN FREEMAN are two of the most sought-after British actors in Hollywood.

But the pair have stayed loyal to their fans here by signing up for a third series of BBC1’s Sherlock.
That is pretty exciting news. Not quite as exciting as it was when it was announced back in January, but exciting nevertheless.

Still, despite running a ten month-old story, Gordon doesn't miss the chance to be his master's voice:
Women all over the UK will be dusting off the Sky+ in preparation.
Now, while I'm sure he hopes that Rupert Murdoch will be pleased at the mention of another part of his empire, isn't the implication that Sky+ machines might be sitting around, so unused they become dusty, actually less of a plug for the device?

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