Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 2012 inch remix: November

Epic let Death Grips go after the band gave away their record. Pitbull believes we'll have to wait for him to die before we can appreciate him. And probably longer than that.

Fox News watched a fundraiser, thought it was a political advert. Mick Jagger saw an audience, saw sitting ducks to fleece. If you can fleece a duck.

The Newspaper Licencing Agency believes you should pay to quote a review. Martin Gore believes Simon Cowell should be shot. Not violently, though.

The Jimmy Savile scandal might just have done for the Top Of The Pops reruns. Radio One finally let Vernon Kay move on. Tax dodging Gary Barlow got a prize.

Avalanche Records is to close, but Arthur magazine is back.

After the Nirvana musical comes the Tim Buckley one. With added Shakespeare.

Neil Young has an iTunes killer: Pono. The BPI will understand that, although it pretended to be confounded by Google Play and tried to close down one of the many routes to the Pirate Bay they'd missed.

No Doubt didn't have a stellar comeback. But even they'd be cheered up by Coldplay going on a three year hiatus. And Noel Gallagher following them.

A long-standing popular story on No Rock ceased to be accurate, as AC/DC joined iTunes.

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