Saturday, December 29, 2012

The 2012 inch remix: October

The New Statesman asked why the NME has so many dead people on its cover.

Getty have come up with a way of turning Soundcloud into money, Blavatnik bought into Deezer and Simon Fuller is thinking of buying the EMI cold cuts.

If we're to believe Spotify, 1 in 3 people can think of a song that's better than sex.

Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie were touring together. Well, not so much together.

Primark has become a record shop. Channel 4 is lining up a chart show. Did we slip back to 1982?

Or possibly 1952: HMV told its female staff to wear skirts.

The ideas for a Nirvana jukebox musical got aired in court. Coachella offered to drop meat if the Smiths would reform. Liam Gallagher made it through 23 minutes of a George Michael gig.

LiveNation don't want to put gigs on in Hyde Park any more. James Blunt doesn't want to make music any more.

Well done, Madonna. Go to a city still traumatised by a mass shooting in a cinema, and pretend to shoot the audience.

We can all relax, though: Kate really does love William, because Cheryl Cole is prepared to vouch for her.

[Part of 2012 inch remix]

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