Friday, December 28, 2012

The 2012 inch remix: September

Political Scrapbook suddenly remembered Gary Barlow and Dave "Dave" Cameron's school competition, but wasn't sure if they did. NME suddenly remembered their 60th birthday was six months earlier, and had a belated celebration.

Grant Shapps' photo op saving Ringo Starr's house was a wee bit undermined when it turned out he'd signed the papers to have it demolished. Up the road, Manchester City Council blew half a million on an Alicia Keys gig.

Lady GaGa's meat dress is heading to a museum. Not the stew it would be perfect for. Brian May would rather animals be kept alive, so he called for a cultural boycott of badger cull areas.

Madonna decided to help Obama by, erm, calling him a Muslim.

You know who's lazy? Rappers, says Chuck D. You know who's disgusting? Gay people, said Paris Hilton.

Guilfest announced it was calling it a day.

Marilyn Manson got a letter from the man whose name he stole. Professor Green got gently mocked on Twitter, and so unleashed a hate mob in return.

One Direction admit they owe a debt to the Clash.

After Universal promised to flog off much of the value, the US and the EU agreed to the EMI takeover. After years, Lyor Cohen quit Warners and MySpace announced plans for another relaunch.

[Part of 2012 inch remix]

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