Tuesday, January 01, 2013

1993 all over again: 10 - Huggy Bear

10. Huggy Bear - Her Jazz

Yay! Yes, yes, yes. Apparently the NME could think of nine songs better than this.

Over on YouTube, under the live version from The Word, there's some grumpy commentage:

jameyinegypt 8 months ago
What a load of crap, bad at the time , just as terrible now. Where are they now??!! who care's lol

flemwad 2 months ago
took the words out of my mouth mate..thank God sometimes shit doesn't float to the top, but tumbles along the bottom to obliteration...just garbage.... then now and forever

InAnswer 1 month ago
Couldn't agree more.
I remember seeing this on the word 20 years ago & thinking what a load of s**t & 20 years later it's still s**t & embarrassing to watch.
Proof that the NME would champion any crap as long as the bands in question were politically 'right on'
Besides the question of who would choose "flemwad" as a screenname, there is much else to wonder at here. Why would someone censor the word "shit" but not "crap"?

[Part of 1993 all over again]
[Buy Her Jazz]

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Robin Carmody said...

Can bet the people who made those comments still wank over their Thurman records.

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