Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Mumbling about Mumford

Mumford And Sons are a pretty easy target. That doesn't stop Liam Gallagher, does it?

“Everyone looks like they’ve got f***ing nits and eat lentil soup with their sleeves rolled up.
Lentils? Didn't Liam get the 2008 memo which upgraded the standard hippy/food jibe from "lentils" to "organic tofu"?
“They all look like they live on the heath. Maybe that’s where they record.”
They wear waistcoats and ties - whatever you might think about the Mumfords, they don't look like they're sleeping rough on the heath.
Everyone’s f***ing DON McLEAN — far too many acoustic guitars, no style.
Too many acoustic guitars, eh? Let's come back to that one in a moment.
They look like they shop at Oxfam.
No they don't, do they? The whole point of the Mumfords is they look like they've had their clothes laid out for them by their butlers, surely?
“I wouldn’t put any posters up of any band if I was a 16-year-old lad. There’s none of that sitting down on f***ing stools for me, sweetheart.”
Will you not, eh?

What's this story from The Sun last year?
[T]he Beady Eye singer and his fans have got something else to look forward to – Liam will be making his first acoustic performance in January as part of London Fashion Week. Only 120 punters will hear eight live tracks.
Maybe there are too many acoustic guitars after all.

Having seen his beloved Liam slapping about at the Mumfords, Gordon stands behind trying to join in:
He didn’t even mention that they all went to posh schools.
No, Gordon, he didn't. Because he was trying to pretend they were some sort of tramps with guitars, and "who went to Posh School" would have been inconsistent with that.

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