Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Million seller

Despite all the jokes about 'who he?' and 'no, really, which one was he again?', Gordon reports this morning that James Arthur has managed to sell a million copies of Impossible.

The X Factor winner. No, you remember.

So, that's a sign of a strong future career rather than a quick return to the milk round. (I always assume anyone who does well on the X Factor used to be a milkman.) Right?

Maybe not... only three other X Factor finalists have broken the million mark with their prize-winning single. Alex Burke - whose career has more or less judder to a halt; Matt Cardle and Shayne Ward.

If I were James Arthur... well, I'd have gone on Pointless instead of the X Factor in the first place, but if I leaped into James Arthur, Sam Beckett style, right now, I'd be keeping my options open down the dairy.