Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Olly's sweet FA

Gordon has spotted a gruesome twosome:

HOW about this for an unusual partnership? Former England striker ALAN SHEARER and Essex lad OLLY MURS.

They got together for a chinwag and a couple of bevvies yesterday as the Football Association celebrated the launch of its 150th anniversary year in central London.
Two people at the same event have a chat hardly seems that unusual - perhaps if they were going round solving crimes, or announcing a civil partnership, there might be a raised eyebrow.

But Murs being at the event in the first place - there's something strange there. It turns out Murs has a role with the FA:
Man United fan Olly was at the bash because he’s just been named as an official ambassador for the FA.
Olly Murs. An ambassador. For the FA.

Did it not occur to the FA that they might have access to any number of well-renumerated, high-profile people who perhaps might be more appropriate to promote the image of football?

I'm picturing the scene at Lancaster Gate:

- Righto, we need someone to bring football to the public. How about Olly Murs?
- From the X Factor? Wouldn't it be more appropriate for us to get someone like Beckham?
- Don't be ridiculous, she'd be way too busy with the fashion and musicals and what-not.

Murs does have a connection to the world of Association Soccerball:
Back in the day, Olly was a half-decent footballer – even plying his trade as a semi-pro for Witham Town for a short while.
So that's half-decent performances at a non-league standard from Murs. But before that, he was a footballer.


James said...

To be fair, you're forgetting Murs' biggest connection to football; A couple of years ago, he fronted one of those 'Hilarious Own-Goals and Gaffes' straight-to-bargain-bin DVDs. This means his name will be recognisable to anyone with even the slightest interest in the game. As in "Olly Murs? Oh wait, wasn't he on that DVD I got in the Secret Santa, from the bloke in Accounts I've never spoken to, but who thought I was into football because I once entered the World Cup sweepstake?"

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