Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gordon in the morning: We are never, ever getting backstage together

I'm not sure how much credence I'm giving the story that Brits organisers have been rejigging rehearsal schedules to prevent a backstage meeting of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, who are both performing at next week's awards.

I can't quite believe that Styles and Swift are both performing there, come to that, but let's let that one pass.

Gordon has a "source":

A source said: “It was a bit of an oversight to say the least. The original plans were drawn up a while back when Harry and Taylor bumping into each other wouldn’t have been an issue.

“But they’ve had to have a bit of a rethink now. Mumford & Sons were meant to be rehearsing on the Monday with ROBBIE WILLIAMS, EMELI SANDE and BEN HOWARD — but they were happy to switch.

“It could have caused a bit of a headache if the Mumfords kicked off — but fortunately they played ball.”
Thank god that Marcus Mumford split with Swift on good terms, eh?

The problem with this story is that, if we're too believe that Styles and Swift rubbing against each other could set off a disaster which Tom Cruise himself would struggle to survive, then wouldn't it be better for that to happen during rehearsals rather than, you know, the night itself? That night they're both going to have to be there anyway, right?

Unless this is all a barked-up story to try and raise interest in one of the least enticing Brit awards show in years. But... that would never, ever happen, right?

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