Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bad news for artists who want to sound like a bad Beatles pastiche

How does Noel Gallagher react when people ask him to write a song for them? (No, he claims it happens all the time.)

With good grace, of course:

'I must have been asked to write songs for people about 20 times, 'Hey man, we should write some songs together,' F***ing write your own songs. I spent 46 years busting my a**e to get here, slaving over a line in a song for a month.

So no, I won't f***ing write a song with you, you little prick. F**k off! It just annoys me.''
I think the most telling thing about that - apart from how he sounds more and more like Karl Pilkington - is that he's only been asked 20 times to write for anyone. That's about once a year.

The thought there are lines in Gallagher songs which took him a month to write is also a little bit boggling. "He thought he was King Creole" took as long to construct as a solid two-storey village hall would. Blimey.


James said...

My favourite bit, from the same interview (I say 'interview' - I saw it on Digital Spy, which quoted it from The Sun, which didn't mention where it came from) was Noel rambling off into yet more trademark gripes about how awful today's artists are ("You look at the 'best' now. Paloma Faith? Do me a favour" etc) including the observation that Emeli Sande made 'music for grannies'.

Because Emeli Sande's music is for pensioners, whereas bemoaning the state of pop music today is strictly the pursuit of the young...

More here, if you really want it:

James said...

(Although to his credit, as far as I know, Gallagher hasn't yet complained that the problem with popstars these days is that they all have long hair and you can't tell if they're boys or girls)

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