Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Misunderstanding Mumford

Mumford and Sons pretty much have themselves pegged:

The group’s banjo player, WINSTON MARSHALL, reckons they’re one of the wettest bands in the business.

He said: “We’re not, like, hard men. We’re emotional. We’re not rock’n’roll.

“If AC/DC apologised, that’d be the end of their career.

“But someone doesn’t say hello to us and we’re like, ‘I cannot believe the gall!’”
I'm not quite sure that Marshall would recognise what he was describing as "wet"; I think he was going for "sensitive" or "polite".

But then Gordon seems to struggle to understand anything the band says. Take this:
[Marcus][ revealed: “Every day I use my phone and I have no idea how it works.

“Whereas I see an acoustic guitar played with gusto and I understand just how it works.”
I think that's pretty clear - the difference between advanced technology and more basic kit; the difference between knowing, say, how a guitar makes a C and how your phone knows that there's a burger bar round the corner and can give you turn-by-turn directions to get there.

The gap between having an understanding of your tools, and your tools being a mystery.

Gordon, though, doesn't appear to get it:
The group’s frontman MARCUS MUMFORD admits they haven’t even worked out how to use mobile phones.
No, he really isn't admitting that. He's not saying that at all.

Still, there's an upside:
Just as well – iPhones would be useless keeping 60,000 fans entertained at the O2.
Actually, Gordon's wrong here, too:

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