Sunday, March 03, 2013

Morrissey unimpressed by modern music, life

What's the noise coming from the day room? Oh, it's Mr Morrissey muttering to himself about how things were better in the olden days:

The 53-year-old singer believes people are ''encouraged not to think'' so outspoken or political artists are not able to flourish, and few pop acts are able to work on their own terms.

He said: "The arts have diminished, because we are now living through a time when we are encouraged not to think. No one making music wants to waste time struggling with art. A group like the Sex Pistols would never again be allowed to slip through, and there is no such thing in 2013 as a popular artist who sets their own terms for success."
Robyn? Amanda Palmer? David Bowie? My Bloody Valentine? Adele? A large number of punk and metal acts? Quite a number of rap acts who head up their own mini-military-industrial complexes?

Come on, if you still think that The Sex Pistols is the gold standard in a band doing it without being told what to do (or the 'pretend that McClaren wasn't scripting it' thesis) you're as awry on the old days as you are on modern times.

Oh, Mr. Morrissey has more to say:
''Whether it be Beyonce or Justin Bieber, we see singers who have absolutely nothing to offer anyone as they walk offstage clutching three Grammys in each hand.''
When did Moz start to think the Grammys were some token connected to artistic achievement?
''In recent years I saw McDonna live, and no audience member reached up toward her to try to touch her. I see this so often with artists whom we're told are global stars. It is a big lie. Or else, you might possibly be a big star, but you are not loved."
McDonna - do you see what he did there? Hilarious.

If Morrissey really wants to test if big name bands attract blind, loving devotion, he could take a look at the correspondence the NME has been getting after Harry Styles won villain of the year.

Mr Morrissey, of course, feels that he's better than that, though:
My audience has an urgent need to touch, to shake hands, to move out of their seats
Given the age of most of your fans, Moz, the need to move out of their seats because their bladders can't hold out all the way through Paint A Vulgar Picture any more.
They don't simply sit and observe, but feel the urge to act. It's a great compliment for me, and one that most Grammy winners could probably never imagine.
I suspect that Morrissey has never been to a Justin Bieber gig, but surely he doesn't picture them as being full of young people sitting down quietly, does he?

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