Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Saturdays get engaged

Wayne Bridge, out of Brighton And Hove Albion, has become engaged to Frankie Out the Saturdays.

Tell us, Frankie, how did he ask for your hand?

Wayne took me to a hotel and he got my dogs involved
Hang on a moment, what?
I didn't know my dogs were there and they came in in little bride and groom outfits.
I'm not entirely sure that walking in your boyfriend in a hotel room with dogs dressed up necessarily means he was planning to ask you to marry him. It could just mean he wasn't expecting you.
And Pixie had the ring around her neck on a ribbon.
You know this sounds... well... odd? Oh, you do.
I think for people who aren't dog fans it's a bit of a weird proposal so I feel like I only want to tell people who like dogs.
I'm not sure you should tell people who like dogs, either. Or even people.

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