Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Unlikely opening sentences of our time

Andy Halls has bagged an exclusive:

AFTER coming second on The Voice last year you’d think Bo Bruce would have the world at her feet.
Really, Andy? Given that the person who won The Voice last year vanished like a metal hippo in quicksand, why would anyone think that the runner-up would have had a high profile?

Anyway, Bo is back now, with an album that adds One Of Snow Patrol to the already-powerful prospect of songs by Danny Out The One On The Voice That People Say 'Is He In A Band, Then' About.

But, oh, Bo tells Andy that she wants to shake things up:
What would your dream collaboration be?
Something really out there. I’d really like to do a Chase & Status thing, or Plan B.

Something that’s so far away from what people expect would be really interesting.
Without wanting to be too harsh, I don't think there's any person wandering round with a section of their brain in which they list likely collaborators for Bo Bruce.

In fact, this would be the likely conversation if you tried to do a poll:

- Hi, could I ask who you think the most likely person for Bo Bruce to work with would be?
- Fiona Bruce?
- No, Bo Bruce.
- I don't know who that is. Who is he?
- She. She's a woman.
- How would I know who she'd work with?
- Here's a clue: she took part in a popular reality TV show.
- [Pause] Oh! It's Viglen isn't it?