Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ministry ends, and this time it's final

Sure, Ministry have wound up operations before - they stopped work towards the end of the last decade, picking up again in this - but this time it sounds like Al Jourgensen really is wrapping up for good. He told Noisey why:

Tragically, Ministry's final creative hour with [Mike] Scaccia came right before they broke for the holidays. Three days after leaving the Ministry sessions in El Paso, in the early hours of December 23, Scaccia suffered heart failure onstage while performing with his other band, Rigor Mortis, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Scaccia’s death both devastated and motivated Jourgensen.

“Mikey was my best friend in the world and there’s no Ministry without him,” he says. “But I know the music we recorded together during the last weeks of his life had to be released to honor him. So after his funeral, I locked myself in my studio and turned the songs we had recorded into the best and last Ministry record anyone will ever here. I can’t do it without Mikey and I don’t want to. So yes, this will be Ministry’s last album.”
The last album is titled From Beer To Eternity, which is a pun which would, frankly, embarrass a late-period episode of Only Fools And Horses.

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