Sunday, April 28, 2013

Harry Styles: The Sunday Mirror would quite like to apologise

Hey, Sunday Mirror. Haven't you got something to say to Harry Styles?

Go on.

Two weeks ago we published an article about Harry Styles from One Direction under the front page headline “Harry’s Boozy Night with Lapdancer”

In that article we claimed that Harry was extremely drunk in a nightclub and had an “intimate” encounter with a lapdancer while he was there.

We also claimed that Harry was out of control. We now accept that this story and the claim that Harry was out of control is untrue.

We would like to apologise to Harry for the distress we caused him by what we published.
Pretty unusually, this apology has a byline:
Ben Rankin is deputy editor of
Not quite sure why an online editor is writing an apology for an article on the paper, or indeed how anyone would construct that final sentence.