Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rockobit: Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey, bassist for The Angels, died last week.

Bailey joined The Angels in 1976, after a reshuffle saw original bassist Doc Neeson take on lead vocals. Before, he'd been a member of loose collective the Mount Lofty Rangers alongside AC/DC's Bon Scott, Peter Head, Jimmy Barnes and some welders.

The band managed to be at the heart of a mini-riot on the steps of Sydney Opera House when a New Years Eve gig went to shit; Bailey was knocked unconscious by a thrown bottle and Neeson received injuries requiring hospital treatment.

He remained an Angel through their glory years, leaving in 1982 to try his luck in America. His luck didn't play well in the US, and he returned to Australia a couple of years later, playing in (and then managing) Gangajang.

As is so often the case, there was a bunch of muddied reunions of The Angels in subsequent years - Bailey joining a 2001 troupe called Members Of The Angels; then The Original Angels Band (despite him not being an original Angel); an actual reunion as The Angels in 2008 (the only one to feature Doc Neeson); and, finally, The Angels With Dave Gleeson. His illness led to him leaving this latest iteration of the band last year.

Chris Bailey was 62; he died from throat cancer on April 3rd.

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