Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thatcher: Express angry at prospect of Chart show playing record in the chart

Here's a story from The Daily Express. Skip past the the headline and first bit - where a person who does drama sessions at school is misleading described as a "teacher" to ramp up the outrage - and focus on the foaming about the chance Radio One might play Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead this weekend:

BBC radio chiefs risk a furious backlash by playing a song which has become the anthem of anti-Baroness Thatcher protesters, it emerged last night.
The chart hasn't been compiled yet; the record hasn't been played yet; there is no backlash, furious or otherwise. But the Express has the blood pumping.
A massive online campaign has seen Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead, taken from the Wizard Of Oz, rocket into the Top 10 of the official midweek charts.

But with the tune a strong contender for the No1 spot this weekend, bosses have failed to rule out playing it during the official countdown.

In a statement the BBC said: "Radio 1 will run through the official chart update as normal, however, we only play a selection of entries each week.

"The chart show on Sunday is an account of what the public has been buying and we will make a decision about playing it when the final chart positions are clear."
Oddly, the Express doesn't seem all that bothered about the chart shows on commercial radio, who are presumably in exactly the same position. And those music TV stations who run down the charts too. Almost as if this was more about having a pop at the BBC than an actual story.

Isn't the point the Express has missed that the only expression of "furious backlash" here is that demonstrated by people who are buying the track in the first place?

Margaret Thatcher looked stunning, yes;
but why no nipples in the Daily Express?

Perhaps John Cooper Clarke for number one next week, then?

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