Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gordon in the morning: Robbie Williams is not happy

1990s pop star Robbie Williams - check your grandma's Wikipedia edits if you don't recognise the name - has finally joined Status Quo and Cliff Richard in the day room to moan about the young people at Radio One:

He branded the Breakfast Show host a “b******” for not playing his tracks – because the singer’s too old.

During his set at London’s Grosvenor House, Robbie said: “I did the Brits and started singing, ‘Hey-ho, here we go’ to a bunch of industry people and they were all just like, ‘F*** off, you’re fat and you’re old. And Radio 1 don’t play you no more – you’re fat and you’re old’.”
He then looked at Nick and said: “Isn’t that right Nick, you b******?”
It would seem his beef would be more with his peers rather than Radio One itself, but... oh, hang on, there's more:
After the singer performed Candy, and filmed himself on a punter’s phone, he returned to ribbing Grimmy, saying: “That’s Candy. How four-year-old do you want it, Radio 1?”
Yes, nothing makes your argument like pointing out you're an old man singing a nursery rhyme.
Leaning on his microphone stand eyeballing the DJ, he then popped a piece of chewing gum in his mouth and said: “Those aren’t drugs by the way. Nah, Radio 1’s not something that keeps me up at night, not at all.'
That doesn't make any sense.

He even tried a Yewtree joke:
Rob said: “I came here and looked around and thought, ‘I’m the only person I recognise here tonight’. It’s like looking at the cast of Operation Yewtree 2014. Ooh – too soon, too soon?”
Why would being too old to recognise anyone at a Radio Awards mean that everyone there would be arrested for sexually abusing children next year? It's not "too soon", it's just meaningless. You could do the Yewtree joke without the lead in; or you could use the lead-in of "I don't recognise anyone here" to do a "I guess that's the risk you take when your radio event clashes with the Yewtree staff party" or "presumably the old guard like to get an early night in case Yewtree wakes them up at four in the morning".

Robbie Williams is 83.