Thursday, June 13, 2013

Liam Gallagher wants The Smiths to reform for... reasons

Liam Gallagher wants the Smiths to reform:

"I'd like to see The Smiths. I never seen 'em."
Wow, so you'd force Mozzer and Marr and the two lawnmower-ones back onto stage together? You must have been a big fan, then?
"I weren't a big fan."

So... erm, why do you want them to reunite so badly?
"I know all the f***ing songs because my brother was into them."
That's not an especially good reason for wanting a band to reform. I can remember the lyrics to most of the 1980s Fruit And Fibre adverts, but that doesn't mean I want to force Ross Kemp to do this again:

Okay, actually, I'd love to see Ross Kemp do that, but you get my point.

Liam puffs his pipe and recalls the day the Smiths fell apart:
I remember when they split up, man. People were proper running around like headless chickens in Manchester.
Really? You were 14 when that happened, weren't you? And how exactly did the "headless chicken running" manifest itself?