Saturday, June 01, 2013

Star Wars: You weren't expecting that, eh? Eh? Eh?

Apparently, there's going to be some surprise casting for the disappointing third Star Wars trilogy:

"Almost every actress in Hollywood wants a role in the new movies but we are keen to cast people who are unexpected."
This, a source, talking to The Sun, supposedly, quoted in the NME.

Did I say surprise casting? I meant stunt casting:
"Florence is being considered for a major part that would turn her into an A-list actress overnight."
The idea that dumping a fairly successful pop singer in a large movie role is "unexpected" is almost sweet.

Just a point, though: being handed a large role in a big Disney film doesn't actually make you an actress. It could just make you over-promoted.

I genuinely don't know if Welch has the acting talent to carry such a role; if she has, it'd be nice to think she got it because of that talent, rather than because someone at Disney wanted to cast "surprises".