Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Morrissey pulls another batch of dates

Oh, Morrissey. Every time he sets a date and books a tour, he falls unwell. Now, severe food poisoning has put a ding in his South American tour:

“Due to severe food poisoning suffered by the artist and of the accompanying equipment in Lima, Latin concerts scheduled for July and August will be postponed for the next months. The new dates will be communicated shortly. Morrissey and his team have been in Lima, Peru, from July 1. The artist was very excited about the upcoming shows and are very disappointed to have to postpone the dates.”
The whole team was hit with the food poisoning.

Try not to think of the little toilets in those tour buses. It won't make your breakfast taste better.


Tim said...

The equipment had food poisoning? That's a first, even given Mozzer's long list of historical excuses.

simon hayes budgen said...

Given Mozzer's history of describing half the Smiths as like lawnmowers, "the equipment" is probably people

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