Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Those were the days, my friend

I see, ECanadaNow, that you've got the old photo album out.

Photographs of celebrities from their childhood are always interesting to behold.
You know, you're not wrong.
They reveal the humanity and simplicity of famous people sometimes long before handlers, publicists, and managers control their image the person projects in public.
I think there's something in that. So what Canadian star to do want to show us pictures of their younger selves? Celine? KD? Joni?
In the case of singer Justin Bieber...
Justin Bieber? If I wanted to see pictures of a young Justin Bieber, I'd look at current pictures of Justin Bieber.

To be fair, ECanadaNow does briefly acknowledge that the idea that there is a grown-up Bieber to compare the foeto-Bieber with is ridiculous:
who is technically still living his childhood since he’s only 19-years-old. Additionally, the young Bieber has a tendency to not act his age but rather his shoe size. Bieber has recently taken to adding tattoos to this body that give him the graffiti-like appearance of an abandoned school.
... but then they go ahead and do it anyway.

Mind you, you've got to worry for a place that can't tell the difference between this...

... and this

One is an institution which has abandoned all hopes and dreams of education, and the other is a classroom that is no longer in use.

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