Thursday, November 21, 2013

James Arthur didn't keep his promise to quit Twitter

James Arthur and Lucy Spraggan having a Twitter fight about homophobia. This never happened in the old days of talent shows - you didn't get Pam Ayres and Lena Zavaroni squaring up over the Biafran War, did you?

Obviously, Arthur is on the wrong side of the argument. Spragggan called him out on his "it's not gay bashing because I rapped it" logic from last week and Arthur, despite his quitting of Twitter last week, felt the need to come back and defend himself:

He then called Lucy ‘just another narrow minded person in this narrow minded country with narrow views’ and added that she could ‘say whatever you like on you’re Twitter [sic].
Yeah, how narrow minded can you be, Spraggggan? With your 'homophobic bullying can lead people to kill themselves' viewpoint, you're really making it difficult for people like Arthur to enjoy his freedom to call people "fucking queers". I mean, did you not read the story, Spragggggan? He only called a straight person queer - how could that possibly be homophobic?

Arthur then underlines that he has the facts on his side:
‘My album sold 10 times youres in it’s first week so you can f*** off with you’re career sh**e… two faced fickle attention seeker. Dissapear [sic].’
It's actually true that every album you sell makes your facts a little more correct.

Although there is this fact:
And for you’re information my album was self-penned
That's true. James Arthur's album, also called James Arthur, was entirely self-written. James and James alone.

I say James Alone, but obviously Tom Barnes helped out a bit.

Tom and William Bell. They were the writers with James.

Tom and William, and of course Ben Kohn. But other than those three, it was all James own work.

James alone. And Tom and William and Ben. Oh, and Booker T Jones.

Tom, William, Ben, Booker and Pete Kelleher. Mustapha Omer, James Murray, Jonny Coffer, Wayne Hector, Ronald Bell and Robert Bell.

Tom, William, Ben, Booker, Pete, Mustapha, James, Jonny, Wayne, Ronald and Robert. Obviously, James needs a little help when he's writing his own album.

He also got some help from Salaam Remi, Arnthor Birgisson, Ina Wroldsen, Richard Stannard, Ash Howes, Bradford Ellis, J.J. Johnson, Tiago Carvalho, Shahid Khan, Emeli Sandé, Gustave Rudman, Ben Harrison, Phil Leigh, Matt Holmes, Marcos Palacios, Ernest Clark, Sean "Elijah Blake" Fenton, Eric Jackson, Steve Robson, Claude Kelly, Komi Al Hakam El Kaubaisy, Jerry (JL) Lang II, Phil Plested and Grace Ackerman.

James totally wrote his own album, along with thirty-five other people.

Mind you, who can blame him getting a bit of help? We've seen from his Twitter feed what happens when he's left alone to write for himself.


Gray!LS said...

Was looking forward to your dissection from the moment Spraggggggan tweeted screenshots of her text conversation with him. Good work, shb.

eyetie said...

I second that. Brilliant stuff.

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