Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Steps To Nowhere: November

Dappy was kicked by a horse and Robyn became a robot.

The Beastie Boys were pre-emptively sued in the interests of overthrowing gendered toys and Katy Perry put all plant life at risk for an album promo.

Hey, The Offspring have got loads of tunes. They just don't have a record deal. Nor do The Loveable Rogues, but that's less surprising.

While understanding the motivation, HMV pulling Lostprophets from the shelves looked a bit like an empty gesture.

Roger Daltrey's gone all UKIP.

It turns out that Johnny Borrell's fine with nobody buying his record. Just fine. It's alright. And Geri Halliwell knows how he feels.

James Arthur seems too thick to understand how hateful he is. Then he wouldn't let it lie. ITV were okay with it all, though.

Simon LeBon denounced Robin Thicke. Who will speak for Miley Cyrus? Shirley Manson, it turns out.
Whitey wasn't thriled at being asked to work for nothing.

Splitting: The Pixies again

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