Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Steps To Nowhere: October

Here's a shock: Miley Cyrus knew what she was doing when she did what she did. But apparently isn't aware we knew she was aware. And what she was doing when she kicked off the Sinead O'Connor feud.

Lauren Mayberry shared some of the sexist shit she has to deal with. And got more for her efforts. Katy Perry called for less nudity in pop videos. With a straight face.

Robin Thicke suggested the artists he thinks of whom he is a peer. He was wrong. Robbie Williams said he should be played more on Radio One. He was wrong.

Hey, we've all confused James Blake and James Blunt.

Glastonbury's ticket sales generated the same bunch of ill-will as every year. Noel Gallagher moaned about stuff, the same as every year.

Hey, Thom Yorke, why are you OK with YouTube royalties and not the larger Spotify rate? Hey, Grimes, why are you OK with playing Russia?

HMV outlined their new strategy. Good news for charity shops looking for high street locations next year, in effect.

French and Saunders once really hurt Lulu. Let's hope they get a call from Fred Durst for his new programme.

AEG didn't kill Michael Jackson. You wouldn't be surprised if Elton John was somehow to blame as he's such a bad influence.

Even members of Black Flag lost the will to continue the fight over the name. But nobody will ever stop fighting for Michael Jackson's money.

Splitting: Lostprophets, The Who, Jonas Brothers
Moving on: Gordon Smart
Reformating: The NME
Launching: PureAudio

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