Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Steps To Nowhere: September

The real fallout of the Rolling Stone "terrorist" issue: Turns out RS only sells 6,000-odd copies on newsstands. NME tried a micropayment experiment.

the Morrissey/Penguin 'spat' turned out to be a publicity spat. Meanwhile, The Smiths hounded This Charming Charlie off the internet.

The Mail had an exclusive: Justin Bieber doesn't exist.

Jessica Simpson was jealous of Kate Windsor, presumably because people bought magazines with her on. Lee Ryan warned that he will one day have his revenge.

Peter Saville brought something less than his a-game to designing Kanye West's logo.

Five Star will now play your barbecue. Britney Spears has got a regular gig in a burger bar.

Godspeed You, Black Emperor weren't especially thrilled to win the Polaris prize.

Bob Geldof is heading for space and into London with his flock of sheep. Meanwhile, Bono suggested paying low taxes was ok, because it was somehow a cultural thing.

Ministry Of Sound tried to argue that the ordering of tracks on its compilations were somehow copyright. Alanis Morissette was heading for court, too.

James Arthur was hoping for a long, happy career.

Vince Gill took on the Westboro Baptist Church.

Rebuilding: Planet Bluegrass

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