Sunday, January 26, 2014

Let's hope Gary Barlow doesn't turn up and spoil Robbie Williams Day

You know how small towns in America get so excited when something vaguely famous happens that they lose their heads and the mayor declares it "such and such day"?

It couldn't happen here.

Except in Stoke, where it's happening: They're having a Robbie Williams Day:

The arrival of Robbie's milestone occasion, styled across the city as Robbie Day, will trigger an array of civic celebrations, Stoke-on-Trent council officials have said.

The council's leader said that as one of the city's most famous global exports - together with its historic pottery trade - Robbie is dear to the hearts of many in Stoke, not only for remaining true to his Burslem roots but for his local charity work.

Mohammed Pervez said: "He is a global superstar, but one who has always remembered his roots.
Roots, maybe. But in Stoke, there are also routes. Seriously, you can take a trip round the places of Robbie's life:
A tourist trail taking in former homes and locations mentioned in his songs is already running, while a new housing estate being built in the Middleport area will feature streets named after his songs - Angels Way, Candy Lane and Supreme Street.
Sadly no Bongo Bong Boulevard, though.

Actually, the first two are quite good names for streets, but - unless it's a major thoroughfare - Supreme Street is going have a hollow ring to it, isn't it?

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