Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh, good, a Dire Straits spin-off band

Here's some news to brighten the cold winter night, assuming your nights are easily brightened:

Dire Straits' Alan Clark and Chris White with five hand-picked, world class musicians - Terence Reis, Steve Ferrone from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mickey Féat, Adam Phillips and Jamie Squire – are set to perform at venues in the United States starting in late February.
That's the keyboard player who joined after the Making Movies sessions, and the saxophonist who joined in 1985. So, yes, Dire Straits members unquestionably. But perhaps not the names you'd reach for first.

Obviously, they can't tour under the name Dire Straits, so they've dropped half the name.

They've gone with The Straits; that might not have been the half that's most honest to retain.

The headline on the PR blurb is kind of interesting, too:
The Straits played the Royal Albert Hall in 2011, so the "formation" not quite the breaking news the press release would suggest it is.

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Anonymous said...

Seen these guys a few times now (Well - it's either them or no-one as the original line up won't perform) and I must say...man these guys are good. I think that the most pleasant shock that I have ever experienced was when Terence Reis blew me away! I was (I am ashamed to say) almost looking forward to being disappointing but - no such luck. The dude is a maestro! I recommend you give them a listen - takes me back to the eighties and the formative years. Happy days.

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