Monday, January 13, 2014

Alex James goes flat

Where were you on Monday, 19th December, 1994? The day Rolls Royce announced they would henceforward source their engines from BMW. The Whitewater investigations were started. More importantly, Thurman released the single Talk To Myself, thereby making this the last possible day that you could make a joke about calling a brand of fizzy drink "Britpop" and it still seeming - just, marginally - witty.

It's a joke that Alex James has just thought of, attempting to register Britpop as a trademark for pop made in Britain. Yes, in 2014.

The kindest interpretation is that James is attempting to use the patent office as a massive trolling device; sadly, the most likely explanation is that James thinks this is what a good idea sounds like.

Besides: it's Tizer, isn't it?

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James said...

Blur bassist-cum-cheese wizard Alex James

Good god, I knew he was making specialist cheese, but I didn't realise it was *that* specialist :(

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