Thursday, January 16, 2014

We have yet to reach the bottom of the musical barrel

There are still terrible, terrible ideas for musicals left to be discovered.

Here's the latest:

Country music songwriters Brandy Clark and Shane Mcanally are developing a new musical based on American variety show Hee Haw.
Yes. A sketch-and-tunes TV programme is being adapted into a musical. How, exactly?
Clark and MCAnally are the composers for the musical, which is about a "wily sexpot from (Hee Haw's fictional rural town) Kornfield Kounty" who wants to explore the world before walking down the aisle with her boyfriend.
A wily sexpot, eh? There must have been a lot of thought poured into developing that well-rounded character.

If this sounds terrible, the real fear is that it might be a success. And if 'musical based on variety TV' becomes a thing, we're only two years away from Seaside Special: The Musical.

Be afraid people. Be afraid.

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