Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Bieber "crime" is investigated

The puzzling question about the egging of Justin Bieber's house is what the hell were the police searching Justin's house for?

"We were looking at things that would put him or anything else at the scene," [Sheriff's Lt. David] Thompson said, adding that Bieber's attorneys were not present during the search and the singer was not questioned.
The next door neighbour's house was hit with eggs. What were the police doing? Looking in the fridge?

Turns out they did find something, though:
A police search of teen pop star Justin Bieber's California home on Tuesday in a vandalism case linked to the singer resulted in the arrest of a man after drugs were found in the house, the Los Angeles County Sheriff said.
The police justify the search because the egging caused - it's claimed - over USD20,000 worth of damage.

How many bloody eggs were thrown? Or were they ostrich eggs or something?
Thompson said the cost of damages was high because the exterior of Bieber's neighbor's home was made of imported wood and brick.
That makes sense, assuming that non-American wood and brick disintegrates upon contact with albumen.

There is no way everyone involved is making way too much of this.

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