Saturday, May 03, 2014

Everywhere PR is in chains

This is Chains, who are pretty good (it's Ben out of Ben and Jason, and Kate who once supported James Blunt but don't hold that against her):

However, they really need to sack their PR company, which has sent out a press release with, perhaps, the most ungainly line in it ever written:

Ben's ears met Kate's larynx across a crowded recording studio in October 2006.
Really? How many redraftings did that line survive?

In other PR news, was delighted this morning to find an email addressed to someone else with a lot of detail about what this PR would do for this other person, followed by another - five hours later - asking me to ignore the earlier email because they'd intended to send out a totally different one.

The PR company in question? Effective Immediately. Although taking five hours to notice you've sent the wrong email to the wrong person suggests they're neither particularly effective, nor especially immediate.